Department Seminar (機能創成セミナー)

January 22, 2024 (Mon) 16:00-16:45

B201 room, Grad School of Eng Sci, Osaka Univ

Yeon Soo Lee, PhD, Professor
(Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, College of Medical Science, Catholic University of Daegu, Rep. Korea)

Seminar title:
Quantitative assessment of orthopaedic surgical loading conditions

In the development or biomechanical research on orthopedic surgery, practical loading conditions are crucial. The practical quantity of intra-op loading conditions enables us to estimate the safety of the surgical devices or treated joints in terms of mechanical quantities like the factor of safety or allowable deformation. However, the quantitative information on intra-op surgical techniques is quite limited. During my last 20 years of journey of biomechanics research, I have continuously kept eyes on the intra-op surgical treatment-related mechanical quantities. I will share my findings and listen your ideas.



P.S. Thank you guys for the gift including alcohol, Prof. Lee and his wonderful students!