Thank you for visiting our blog! We’re thrilled to have you here. I am Eiji Matsumoto, an M2 student in our group.

Recently, Prof. Deguchi and I joined “2nd General Meeting for MULTIMODAL ECM(学術変革A 細胞外情報を統御するマルチモーダルECM​ の第2回領域班会議)”, which took place at Risol no Mori in Chiba(千葉・リソルの森)on January 30 -31. The aims of the meeting are

  • Promote mutual understanding,
  • Promote fusion research,
  • Discuss the future direction of the field,
  • Connect the above activities to the development of individual research.

At the meeting, both of us had the introduction of our studies by using posters, which allowed us to share our interests, recent achievements, and progress of ECM studies with other team members.


We all focused on the following during group work:

  • to get to know each other through discussion,
  • to understand the wants and seeds in the field,
  • to promote joint research and problem-solving.

It provided not only lots of knowledge of ECM-related research but also the key themes, wants, seeds, and so on to succeed and enjoy our work.


We believe that the meeting will help us accelerate our research and foster collaboration. We also continuously do our best for the team’s achievements, contributing to the establishment of a new field in ECM research!!

Lastly, I appreciate Itakura-san and his lab members, for organizing and managing the event, and all the group members for their participation.