Welcome to our blog! I am happy that you are coming to our website. I am Eiji Matsumoto, M2 student.

I recently participated in The Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics and International DIC Society Joint Conference 2023 (ATEM-iDICs ’23) held in Awara, Fukui (芦原温泉・福井), during October 9-12, 2023. The conference is a significant international event covering a wide range of experimental studies from solid mechanics to fluid or biomechanics, and from basic sciences to industrial applications.


During this conference, I had an oral presentation in a session related to Biomechanics. it was my first time presenting in such a long time in English. The experience of the oral presentation provided me with a lot of things; English talk is challenging and I hope to be a good presenter in English. So I recognized the need to gradually improve my skills in them.


It was my first time visiting Awara-Onsen, and I found the great hot springs to be incredibly relaxing, removing fatigue in my body. Also, I went to a Japanese food restaurant for dinner, where every dish and owner (i.e., chef ) was delightful.

Moreover, I explored Tojinbo, the most famous spot in the Awara region. The sight of the stones was both shocking and moving. If you have an opportunity to go to Awara, I highly recommend a visit to this remarkable location.


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone, who is the committees, chairs, participants, and so on.